Data Communication and Computer Networking

High Speed Networks
Mobile Computing
Mobile Networks & Wireless LAN
Optical Networking
Network Based Applications
Network Security
Next Generation Web
Distributed Multimedia Systems
Web Services and Applications
Network Flow and Congestion
Coordination, Consensus, and Agreement
Network and Systems Protocols
Scalable Computing
Distributed Shared Memory
Peer-to-Peer Architectures and Networks
High Performance I/O
Recent Trends in Computer Networks
Wireless and Adhoc Network
Wireless Multimedia Systems

Software Engineering

Agile Software Development
Architecture and Design
Data Mining Systems
Data Warehousing Systems
Empirical Software Engineering
Interprocess Communication
Transaction and Concurrency Control
Brokering Middleware
Human-Computer Interaction
Query Processing and Optimization
Programming Languages
Search-Based Software Engineering
Software Economics and Metrics
Software Testing and Analysis
Software Validation and Verification

Machine Learning and Optimization

Artificial Intelligence
Big Data Analysis, Security Issues in Big Data
Cognitive Science
Component Analysis
Data & Knowledge Engineering
Digital Image Processing
Evolutionary Optimization
Information Theoretic Learning
Intrusion Detection/Prevention Techniques
Multi Agent Systems
Multimedia Technologies
Optimization Technique
Recent Trends in Machine Learning
Robotics and Automation

Communication Intelligence

Human-friendly Interfaces
Information and Signal Processing
Optics and Photonics
Smart Sensors and Electronics Systems
Signals Intelligence, or SIGINT
Broadband Networks & Mobile Communications
Data Analytics in Communication Intelligence
Wireless Sensors in Communication Intelligence
Telesensation and Hyper Reality
Telecommunication and Radio Signals